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It is a clever way to develop big clumsiness, and learning is like a fool to see wonder.

When Chen Duxiu was released from prison and went to Shu, he wrote a poem: "Guanxiu entered Shu with only a bottle and bowl, and he was sick in the mountains and had little troubles. At the end of the year, the family was full of pigs and ducks, and the old greedy only envied the Wurong monument."

Only the heavy, deep, depressed, and restless soul yearns for bliss and eternity. All the fields of blessing in the ten directions are inseparable from the square inch. The square inch is the heart and the thing. Really, it is also Mr. Zhongfu's sword-fighting world. Sixteen should be true, turn it into a mantra to protect the heart, be upright and firm, and be afraid of all kinds of ghosts and ghosts. The commoners are vegetarians, keep the precepts and live in meditation, live happily in the star city, and seek tranquility.

Is for the sixteen should really remember.

Yiwei, Yusan, Xiangshang.

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