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"Viewing Arhats" - Sheng Tianye

Arhats have the meaning of killing thieves, supplying offerings, and having no life. According to the Tang "Dharma Records", when the Buddha approached Nirvana, he instructed the sixteen great Arhats to extend their lifespans, to live in the world, to wander and teach, and to be a field of blessing for all living beings.

World religions always teach people to be good. The way of the university, in Mingming Virtue, in Xinmin, the purpose of Xinmin is to teach people to stay away from animal nature and move towards the goal of goodness. Perfection". Painting is a matter of one thing, not detached from the spirit, and approaching religion. No matter the form is beautiful or ugly, or the content is sad or happy, it is nothing more than teaching people to see it and reflect on it, and go to the deep heart, so as to have good behavior.

Ordinary people have five turbid bodies, and use a body to travel around the world. Their memory is limited, but it is only a hundred years. Chen Qi made this big obstacle Arhat with a heart of piety. There are only a few strokes, but the shape and spirit are all prepared, but the eyes, ears, nose, lips, and eyebrows are drawn with fine brushwork, and they are written as immortals.

There is no one or two in the pen, and it has already obtained the divine will of Liang Kai and Shi Ke.

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