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Adult Aesthetics Training Course

It is never too late to pick up a paintbrush, because it is an expression tool for our thinking. Everyone is born without language or rules, but there must be the urge to doodle and dance. It is just the so-called "education" acquired the day after tomorrow. A thick layer of dust. I can't teach you how to draw apples to life, because maybe that means nothing to you, but I want to remove the thick dust from your heart and find your true self.


The value of adult aesthetic education, as Mr. Cai Yuanpei said: "We must not have a common occupation to meet the needs of a good life; and in the spare time of work, we must read literature, listen to music, and visit art galleries to gain knowledge. Reconcile with emotions, in this way, can be regarded as knowing the value of life."

Students: 18 years old and above Target development: imagination, emotional expression, concentration, stress reduction, art appreciation.

Subjects taught: Chinese calligraphy, painting (watercolor, oil painting, ink painting, pencil, crayon, mixed materials), art history, ancient literature appreciation, art collection.

Tuition fee

Online one-to-one teaching, 1.5 hours per class.

For each student, develop a unique lesson plan.


Five lessons: ¥2000, (valid for 3 months)

Ten lessons: ¥3800, gift: 200 yuan reading coupon (valid for 6 months).

Twenty lessons: ¥7000, gift: 400 yuan reading coupon,

Signed re-enactment of the statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes. (12 months validity).

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