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Suishan Academy Sinology Course

Every child is unique, whether it is eloquent or taciturn, whether it is dynamic or calm, it is his way of getting along with the world. A good aesthetic education is not a uniform de-differentiated cultivation, but a emancipation of nature and an emphasis on self-differentiated emotional and intellectual expression.


"Everyone has feelings, but not all great and noble behaviors. This is due to the weakness of emotional power. To turn weak into strong, from thin to thick, it needs to be cultivated. The tool of cultivation is the object of beauty. The role of pottery cultivation is called aesthetic education." This is Mr. Cai Yuanpei's understanding of aesthetic education a hundred years ago, and it is equally useful in the present. Aesthetic education is more like a seed of kindness. It is sown in childhood. The beautiful flower nourishes a lifetime from the inside out.

Students: 6-17 years old Goal development: determination, time planning, imagination, emotional expression, self-discipline, concentration, art appreciation, self-display.

Subjects taught: Chinese calligraphy, painting (watercolor, oil painting, ink painting, pencil, crayon, comprehensive materials), concise world art history for young people, appreciation of ancient literature.

Tuition fee

Online one-to-one teaching, 1.5 hours per class.

For each student, develop a unique lesson plan.


Five lessons: ¥1500, (valid for 3 months)

Ten lessons: ¥2800, gift: 200 yuan reading coupon (valid for 6 months).

Twenty lessons: ¥5000, gift: 400 yuan reading coupons,

Signed re-enactment of the statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes. (12 months validity).

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