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【Book of Huxiang Scholars】Inscription

Text/Xi Tang He Shan


Since Hu Anguo and his son started the Huxiang School, for thousands of years, Huxiang scholars have made great contributions to Chinese culture. Its in the righteousness, economics, rhetoric, literature on behalf of talented people. In modern times, "Hunan talents are half of middle school", or "half of modern Chinese history was written by Hunan people".


Antang Chen Qi was born in the hometown of Confucius, studied in Beijing and Hangzhou, and now lives in Huxiang for a long time.


All these nineteen people are brilliant and self-reliant, their ambitions are filled with heaven and earth, they cannot be taken away at the big festival, when they have morality enough to praise, they have career enough to shake off chaos, advance and retreat are self-sufficient, the wind cannot be swept away, the waves cannot flow, and the body is dead. Rin awe-inspiring, as if in the human world. It has a pure Confucian atmosphere, and it is full of painting paper. Later viewers, it is undoubtedly true that "only Chu has talents and is prosperous in this country".

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