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佛教 心经 千手千眼 陈琪 毓三 国画
他乡之客 台湾老兵 陈琪 国画
Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra

Duntang 2015


[Duntang Formation] A total of three heart sutras and letter sets. The first is written by Ouyang Xun, the European characters are rigorous and neat, upright and strong; the second is written by Pu Xin She Li Xue, Pu's small script is strong and beautiful, elegant and elegant; the original version is the representative work of the Tang Dynasty written scriptures, the structure is neat and meticulous , The pen is precise, the font is strong and full, and it is a combination of vigor and ease. The front cover, back cover of Guanyin and Wei Tuobao are specially invited to draw by Mr. Chen Qi, Yusan

guest from abroad

  Chen Qi  2015



"Visitors from Other Lands" is a collection of Taiwanese veterans' works written by Mr. Tang Yiming in 2014 in Hualien, Taiwan during the Qingming period. Although it has not obtained the book number published by the mainland, it is still independently printed by the author and sold for charity. The money from the book was used to support poor Kuomintang veterans in Huaihua, Hunan. I dedicate this book to my compatriots who suffered in World War II.

September 2015

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