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Silk Portrait Painting by Qi Chen
  • Silk Portrait Painting by Qi Chen

    Every time I paint a portrait, it is also an encounter with a unique soul. In order to get the best painting, please contact me by email to pre-order your portrait and provide the following information.


    1. Your requirements for the portrait, such as the relationship with the subject, his personality, profession, qualities, etc.


    2, Some videos and photos of the subject.


    3, The product and price are for the specified size, if you have any special size requirements, please specify and I will quote according to your requirements.


    4, As this is a pre-ordered artwork,  you will usually receive the artwork within 2 months.


    Thank you!


    How to order:

    1, Click to purchase.

    2, Choose the size of your work


    Core size: 15cm*20cm

    Frame size (walnut solid wood): 28cm37cm3cm

    Price: $ 350

    Core size: 33cm*44cm
    Frame size (walnut with narrow aluminum frame): 45cm57cm2cm
    Price: $ 700

    Work material:
    Silk, Yu Wenxuan Wujin 20-year ink ingots, German Sminky master colours.

    3, Contact me by email, and upload a photograph of the object you wish to paint.

    4, Leave your postal address.

    5, Make payment.

    6, All artworks are made to order and you will receive your artwork within 60 days.

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