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"Lao Jun, No. Chi Jing, in the first year of Zhuanxu Xinmao, he descended on Hengshan. He taught the emperor to resolve disputes, rule the country and settle the people, clean up Jiuli, and Zhiming Bakai. There are the ugly and ugly dragons with purple beards, and the canal with red hair on the snake's body. Kui, the force is not well-rounded, and the first landslide. The sky is low in the northwest, causing the sun and the moon to travel westward, and the southeast of Asia, making the rivers and seas and the east. Take Dashun's way. Its harm begins to end." The words "Dao Zang", Chen Qi and Shao Xiaohui were combined in Xiangshang, Bingshen Frost descended, and Yu San were recorded together.

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