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For thousands of years, it has also grown and grown, but today it has undergone great changes, which is called mourning.
Chen Qi is from Shandong, which was originally the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. He is the third in the Yuzi generation, so he is Yusan. Now he is working in the Hunan Provincial Painting Academy. Lighten up.
He Shan is a native of Gansu, and although the boundary is far away, it is the only way to learn scriptures from the West, and the place where Dunhuang Feitian is located. He first worked as a media, and then turned to studying scriptures in Yuelu Academy, and Xiao Yin was hidden in the mountains.
As ancient Chinese philosophies, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism have existed for thousands of years, standing majestically like three mountains. Here, the very symbolic "Three Mountains" two characters, separated from their names, have their own inexplicable directions after being broken up and reorganized. "Laizhi" is actually a blessing. They justify it by saying that the three sects of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism can be like eminent monks, opening everyone's vision and thinking;
This batch of their works is really a perfect match, with the light of wisdom. Chen Qi painted figures, He Shan wrote inscriptions, the paintings are very dignified, and the words are very solemn.
In terms of subject matter, there are both Hunan and Hunan masters and Confucian scholars; Guanyin Luohan, the treasured image of Buddhist scriptures; Taoist Zhuangzhou Mengdie and Laozi preaching scriptures; in terms of shape and system, there are both small and long scrolls, which are fascinating. Thoughts, make people linger.
Chen Qi graduated from the School of Art of Renmin University and the China Academy of Art successively. He has a solid foundation, vivid shapes, handsome lines, and cherishes ink like gold. From north to south, he has never been influenced by popular customs, and his paintings are elegant and law-abiding.
He Shan has been studying calligraphy for some years. Zhao Mengfu, Deng Wenyuan, Huang Xiang, and Shi Xiaoshan have all been involved, especially Zhang Cao, the first master of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Guoting. In this batch of works, there are also many chapters and grasses. The pen is calm, vigorous and vigorous, and the spirit is calm, which has written the charm of the official script turned to the cursive. At the end of the volume, the first drawing and the imitation of the text are mostly the finishing touch.
The years at the bottom of the pen, the years by the mountains, the changes of time and space, like a stolen dream, among the three religions, the core values seem to be abstracted, connected, dissolved, and ridiculed, and replaced by evil images, chaos, and virtual images. With misery.
The three mountains could not bear it, and the rivers flowed into waste. Chen Qi and He Shan know this pain well. They write immortals and draw saints, copy scriptures and understand the truth, and cultivate their minds. related.
The picture is like a mirror, and the words are like jewels, right in front of you and me, whether you see it or not, it will neither increase nor decrease. Even if you are late, it still seems to be held by three mountains and sees the other side. If so, then it is really excellent.
Qiu Tian

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