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Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Course


Chinese calligraphy is a type of pleasing writing, as well as a kind of sport, embodying the artistic expression of human language in a tangible form. Language and characters are not obstacles to learning Chinese calligraphy. It is the core content of this course that realizes the wisdom, concentration and stability conveyed in the lines and structures of Chinese calligraphy. 

Calligraphy is also the foundation of Chinese painting. It is used to establish the habit of using Chinese traditional brushes. Painting, Chinese colours is the inner feeling of everyone. It uses Chinese elegant and fresh colours to express the side. All the good things are the core content of this course. 

Through this course, the students could have experience about Chinese ink and colours, also they can learn some basic styles of Chinese traditional calligraphy and paintings, with finishing one calligraphy work and one painting work on Xuan Paper( Rice Paper).

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