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"Only Chu Has Talents" The 2nd Hunan Chinese Painting Biennale  Membership Eligibility Works

"Portrait of Beckett" Westival Virtual Gallery, Westival Ireland 2020

Portrait of Duaa Refiguring the Portrait, NUI Galway Art Gallery, Ireland.

"Portrait" " A Sisyphean Task"-- New Work by PhD Students from Burren College of Art. Galway. Ireland.

"Portrait" New Artistic Research, Burren College of Art, Galway. Ireland.


​​ "Void Cloud Icon" Collection of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum

"All Living Beings on the Silk Road" The First Hunan Biennale of Chinese Painting  Membership Eligibility Works

"Only Chu Youcai"  The 6th National Academy of Painting Biennale Excellence Award

"Xuyun Icon" The 3rd "Lu Yanshao Award" National Chinese Painting Exhibition Winner Award


"Four Monks Icons" Guangzhou Art Fair

The Implications of Hunan - Hunan Painting Academy Works Exhibition


"Star · Yuansu | City Constellation Artists Joint Exhibition

"Beautiful Hunan • Great Changes in Sanxiang - Hunan Province Realistic Art Creation Project Fine Art Exhibition"

"Wuling Chasing Dreams - Hunan Province Artist Lv Dongshan's Sketching and Creation Exhibition" Hunan Provincial Academy of Painting

"Three Mountains to Hold" He Shan and Chen Qi's Works Exhibition  Hunan Ruyi Museum

"Different Paths, Same Origin" Trio Group Exhibition   Hunan Yi Gallery

"All Beings on the Silk Road" - Selected Works of the Biennale of Chinese Painting Academy


"Portraits of Huxiang Celebrities" - "Classic Memory of Xiaoxiang Love" Hunan Provincial Art Works Exhibition

"Zeng Guofan" Spiritual Vision - 2016 Young Artists May Fourth Nomination Exhibition


"Visitors from Another Country - Drawing the Story of Taiwan Veterans" Ink Painting Exhibition  Nanjing Pioneer Bookstore

"Wu Shui Yin Tu" "Beautiful China·Beautiful Bangladesh" International Exchange Exhibition of Young Artists from China and Bangladesh

"Sixteen Yings to Truth" Boundary - 2015 Ink Painting Invitational Exhibition

"Portraits of Huxiang Celebrities" Huxiang Implications Exhibition of Hunan Provincial Painting Academy


"Void Cloud Icon" "Chinese Dream Xiaoxiang Love" Exhibition of Chinese Painting Society

"Void Cloud Icon" "Light of Ideal - Young Artists Invitational Exhibition"

"Waiting" National 12th National Art Exhibition Hunan Exhibition Area Excellence Award


"Huxiang Celebrities" "The Power of Transformation - Outstanding Artist Nomination Exhibition of Hunan Chinese Painting Society"

"Arhat" Collection of Hunan Provincial Library

"Small Statue of Zuo Zongtang" "Characters of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers and Painters in Hunan and Taiwan"

"Small Statue of Ju Lian" "Mo Yun Lingnan. National Chinese Painting Exhibition" Excellence Award

"Arhat" Hangzhou Museum "Zen Tea Blindly" China special exhibition.

"Small Statue of Zuo Zongtang" Silver Award at the Youth Art Exhibition of Hunan, Hong Kong and Macau

"Arhat" Jiyi Gallery, China Academy of Art


Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of China Academy of Art with a master's degree

"Portraits of Huxiang Celebrities" Hunan Provincial Painting Academy Guizhou Fine Art Exhibition

"Arhat" Bronze Award for Outstanding Graduation Works of China Academy of Art


"Lu Zhishen Looking at Flowers" Excellent Work Award of the 2nd China Academy of Art "Fog like Ark"


Graduated from the School of Art, Renmin University of China with a bachelor's degree

"Water Margin" Outstanding Graduation Creation Award of the School of Art, Renmin University of China


"Chen Qi's Ink and Wash Figure Sketching Report Exhibition" held a solo exhibition in the exhibition hall of the School of Art, Renmin University of China

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