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  • Solo shows


“Chen Qi Portrait Painting Exhibition” Guangzhou Art Fair, Guangzhou, China, 2019


“Four Monks in China” Guangzhou Art Fair, Guangzhou, China, 2018


“Taiwan Veteran” Portrait Painting Exhibition, Nanjing Pioneer Bookstore, Nanjing, China, 2015


“Chen Qi Portrait Painting Exhibition”, Art Gallery in Renmin University of China, Beijing, China. 2007


  • Group shows


"Portrait of Beckett" Westival Virtual Gallery,  Westival Ireland 2020


"Portrait of Duaa" Refiguring the Portrait, NUI Galway Art Gallery, Ireland. 2020


"Portrait" "A Sisyphean Task"—  New Work by PhD Students from Burren College of Art. Galway. Ireland. 2020


"Portrait" New Artistic Research, Burren College of Art, Galway. Ireland. 2020


“Portrait of Xuyun”, Xing·Yuansu City Constellation Artists Exhibition, Changsha, China, 2017


“Three Mountains”, He Shan and Chen Qi's Works Exhibition, Ruyi Gallery, Changsha, China, 2017


“Different Roads, Same Dream” Three People Group Exhibition, Hunan Yi Gallery, Changsha, China, 2017


“Enlightenment of Water” , Beautiful China Beautiful Bangladesh International Exchange Exhibition of Young Artists from China and Bangladesh, Changsha, China, 2015


“Sixteen Luohan” Boundary 2015 Ink Painting Invitational Exhibition, Changsha, China, 2015


“Portrait of Huxiang Celebrity”, Hunan Provincial Painting Academy Works Exhibition, Changsha, China, 2015


“Huxiang Celebrities”, The Power of Transformation Hunan Provincial Chinese Painting Society Outstanding Artist Nomination Exhibition, Changsha, China, 2014


“Portrait of Zuo Zongtang”, Chinese Hunan·Taiwan Contemporary Calligraphers and Artists Exhibition, Changsha, China, 2013


“Arhat”, Zen and Tea Chinese Special Exhibition, Hangzhou Museum, Hangzhou, China, 2013



  • Awards


“Wei Chu You Cai” Award Second Hunan Chinese Painting Biennale Qualified, Changsha, China, 2020

“China Muslim” Award First Hunan Chinese Painting Biennale Qualified, Changsha, China, 2019


“Portrait of Hunan Scholars” Excellence Award of the 6th National Art Academy Biennale, Beijing, China, 2019


​ “Portrait of Xuyun” The third “Lu Yan Shao Award” National Chinese Painting Exhibition Winner, Hangzhou, China, 2019


“Waiting for Life”, Beautiful Hunan * Great Changes in Sanxiang-Hunan Province Realistic Art Creation Project Fine Art Exhibition”, Changsha, China, 2017


“Portrait of A Po”, Chasing Dreams in Wuling—Hunan Provincial Artist Lu Dongshan's Collection and Sketching Works Exhibition” Hunan Academy of Painting, Changsha, China, 2017


“China Muslim”, Excellence Award of the 5th National Art Academy Biennale, Beijing, China, 2017


“Portrait of Huxiang Celebrities”, Award by Xiaoxiang Classic Memory, Hunan Province Art Works Exhibition, Changsha, China, 2016


“Portrait of Zeng Guofan”, Award by Spiritual Vision 2016 May 4th Nomination Exhibition of Young Artists, Changsha, China, 2016


“Waiting for Life” Hunan Excellence Award at the 12th National Art Exhibition, Changsha, China, 2014


“Portrait of Julian“,  Excellence Award by Mo Yun Lingnan National Chinese Painting Exhibition, Guangzhou, China, 2013


“Portrait of Zuo Zongtang” Silver Award by the Youth Art Exhibition of Hunan, Hong Kong and Macao, Hong Kong, China, 2013


  • Projects


“Portrait of Scottish”, Edinburgh, 2018

Description: In 2017, I studied for a master's degree in art history at the University of Edinburgh. Scotland is inextricably linked with England, Ireland, and Wales. I drew all kinds of people we meet in Scotland, just like the hurried pedestrians we meet on the street every day. We are the same, but also different.


"Taiwan Veterans", Taiwan, 2014

Description: In 2013, I have worked with Taiwanese veterans, wherein I travelled to Taiwan for 2 weeks and interviewed 80 veterans. This was a sociopolitical project as these 80 individuals fought and lost the Chinese Civil War in 1948 and were disallowed back into China due to governmental policy. Sitting with each individual for half an hour and listening to their story, I would paint their portraits to share their untold stories. This was a project that reflected history, but one that was not written and I wanted to make sure to capture their essence with my Chinese traditional art.  This project cost me about $5000 in two weeks.


“China Muslims”, Xinjiang, 2017

Description: After my Taiwanese project, I then drove 20,000 kilometers throughout the Xingian kilometers in China for a month as I spoke with 70 local Muslim provinces. This project centered around religious identity and the vast difference between being a Muslim living in China to those foreign ones . These two projects are still relevant to this day, but more so the Xingian project as even now in our modern society basic religious rights are being tested. In china, Muslims can only pray in mosques unlike others abroad. I wanted to bring to light this religious group that is being controlled by the government and showcase not their resentment, as these individuals have none, but their positivity and how even in limiting situations people can find good in themselves and in those around them.


  • Commissions


Director of Hunan Province Artists Association since 2015.



  • Teaching posts


Chinese Calligraphy Teacher in Hunan Normal University


  • talks, lectures, debates


“Taiwan Veterans”, Hunan Education TV Channel, Changsha, China.


  • Collections


​​ “Portrait of Xuyun” Collected by Zhejiang Academy of Painting Art Museum, Hangzhou, China, 2019


“Arhat” Collected by Hunan Provincial Library, Changsha, China, 2013

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