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Chinese Painting course (7-17 year)

Ten weeks course for children( 7-17 year) to learn Chinese Painting

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  • 210欧元
  • Cregal Art


Bookings are now being taken for our AUTUMN/WINTER 2019 TERM, Classes strictly limited to 10 Places. Please booking by Email: Chinese Painting( 7-17yrs) CREGAL ART: Price per term €210.00 starting Friday, 15:30-17:00, 20th September for 10 weeks. Qi Chen, Chinese traditional portrait artist with interests in Buddhist paintings and Chinese calligraphy. His academic qualification thus far consists of an undergraduate degree from the Art Institute of Renmin University of China where he completed a Bachelor of Painting and Calligraphy in 2008. He also went on to complete a Masters In 2012 from the China Academy of Fine Arts and in 2017 a Masters degree in the History of Art from the University of Edinburgh. Currently he is undertaking a PhD degree in the Burren college of art in the National University of Ireland (Galway). Prior to attending the University of Edinburgh, he worked as a full-time artist in Hunan Painting Academy and Hunan Province Artists Association. He was the director of the Young Artists Association of Hunan Province and had the great honor of being part of the Great Wall Chinese Painting distinguished painters.After also taking on Chinese calligraphy throughout his eduction, he began teaching it at University level( Hunan University) and short courses teaching in studio as well. About Course Calligraphy is the foundation of Chinese painting. It is used to establish the habit of using Chinese traditional brushes. Painting, Chinese colors is the inner feeling of everyone. It uses Chinese elegant and fresh colors to express the side. All the good things are the core content of this course. Through ten courses and exercises, the students can complete the three paintings works of Chinese painting on their own, and have several knowlaedge of basic styles of Chinese painting. Fee: €50:Classroom rental fee. €50: Textbook.3 types of traditional brushes with scroll set. 1 bottle of Chinese Ink. 10-12 Xuan paper and traditional papers in class. 1 Calligraphy Scroll with Chinese traditional frame, 3 Calligraphy hard frame paper. €100: 15 hours teaching fee. €10: Chinese Clour




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